Humanitarian Support Agency in Lesvos, Greece

Education Hub

Since April 2016 HSA has developed an established community learning program. We currently provide beginner and intermediate English language tuition as well as cultural education for adults. We have also set up a community garden from which we plan to expand our classes to vocational work based training.

Clothes Distribution

From our storage and distribution centre at Kara Tepe, we display our donations in a pleasing shop style that allows our residents to maintain the dignity of trying on and choosing new clothes in a clean, and safe environment. We also have the skills & facilities to repair clothes and shoes to make sure we get the most from every donation.

Tea Point Distribution

The HSA Tea Point is an important focal point of the Kara Tepe camp. Our residents are able to come along and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee at any time of the day while interacting & socialising with other residents and our team of dedicated volunteers.

Community Garden

The HSA Community Garden is a way for our residents to get involved and give back to the community that has welcomed them. Our residents help us to grow fresh produce to be donated to both local community projects in Lesvos and also to other NGO's who are preparing the food for the camp residents here in Kara Tepe.

Humanitarian Support Agency in Burkina Faso

The recent political crisis in Burkina Faso has been exacerbated by factors that are also at the origin of the problem of the Malian refugees hosted in the country. Indeed, the political crisis and terrorism that has rocked northern Mali, is the main cause of the displacement of populations fleeing conflicts and seeking safety in neighboring countries including Burkina Faso.

The refugee problem is one of the main humanitarian issues together with food security, nutrition, and health. Thus, over 4 million people require humanitarian aid in Burkina Faso. In view of these factors, the Humanitarian Support Agency (HSA) decided to launch a program fitting to the situation for the provision of assistance and expertise to address the protection problems faced by vulnerable refugees (WASH, SGBV, and Education).
In order to be providing the best services possible and to avoid duplication, we currently liaise with the main humanitarian organisations and agencies in Burkina Faso to analyse the existing gaps in protection.


HSA (HQ Spain) is currently assessing the overall situation of Malian’s refugees coming down from northern Burkina Faso and hosted in urban area in the Bobo Dioulasso sector (2nd biggest town in the country). Thus, a team will be deployed in the field in order to provide various protection services:
WASH: Access to drinking water with the setting-up of a water purification point
SGBV: Provision of a secured environment and access to domestic energy and natural resources (wood, water...)
Education: Organisation of non-formal education courses, technical courses for adults, basic curriculum for children as well as cultural education.

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