Resident volunteers step in to extend Tea Chai House’s opening hours during Ramadan

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To better serve residents during the holy month of Ramadan, where many Muslims observe a fast from sunrise to sunset, HSA responded positively to the residents’ request of longer opening hours. As people were having their evening meal later, the Tea Chai House adapted its opening hours, staying open until 2 AM. HSA is very grateful to the new resident volunteers who spontaneously stepped in and offered to work longer hours running the Chai Tea House in the evenings. They contributed greatly to making the Tea Chai House a community area filled with an atmosphere of conviviality, every evening. HSA is proud to be able to trust and rely on those volunteers from four different nationalities working together in the Tea Chai House. They are happy to get involved and we are happy to give them autonomy in their work.

HSA Chai Tea house has been running since January 2016, serving tea, coffee and providing hot water to the camp’s residents. It has been run both by resident volunteers and international volunteers, and has become a space for socializing and building new friendships across languages and cultures.

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