Mélodie Maurel – True dedication!

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It’s true that volunteering and humanitarian work can be addictive. Nobody encompasses that more than Mélodie Sawyer Maurel who is currently in Kara Tepe on her sixth trip to the island showing her true dedication to the HSA cause!

What is your role in HSA and what does it entail?

I am a volunteer in Kara Tepe, I work in the White container for the clothes distribution and in the Chai House. I generally work on the evening shift so I stay in the camp until 10pm with help of resident volunteers to close everything. I’m usually one of the last volunteers leaving the camp on a night time and I like that!

What was your motivation for coming to Lesvos?

I decided to come to Lesvos last year because I was very chocked by the news about the refugees crisis. I think that our goods and our rights are not acquired and we can all lose everything overnight. The situation in which these people find themselves can happen to us too! If one day I find myself in a similar situation I hope people will come to help me! It was also important to me because in the future I think our children will ask us about this crisis and I want to be able to give them the right answer! My first time here was in April and I have come every two months because I fell in love with Lesvos and I love the work with HSA.

What is the most inspiring thing you’ve seen in camp?

It’s such a hard question because everyday we can be inspiring here. I think the most inspiring are little and simple things, Kara Tepe is like a village. In the Chai point, I love to talk with people or just watch them. For example, I like when I see people from different communities, cultures, religions laughing and talking together in a beautiful, often broken English! I have met some of the most inspiring people here.

What is the one thing you would take with you in a disaster situation?

My smartphone with plenty of data. It is so important to stay in touch.

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