The Queen of Kara Tepe: Interview with Sara Zehl.

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With over 10 months experience volunteering in Kara Tepe, Sara Zehl is one of the most integral parts of HSA. Both the volunteers and the residents of the camp have come to rely on Sara for her knowledge, unending warmth and her limitless energy!

What is your role in HSA and what does it entail?

My role is to run the teams of volunteers here in the camp who provide clothing, hot drinks and teach English to refugees. Not only does it mean i get to know the volunteers but also to spend time with the residents here, which makes it really worthwhile.

What was your motivation for coming to Lesvos?

I first came to Lesvos at the height of the crisis when horrible scenes were on the news of people who were cold, wet and scared arriving on the beaches. I saw the news reports and just wanted to show them that I did not agree with their biased point of view and that I would support them in Greece.

What is the most inspiring thing you’ve seen in camp?

I am always so impressed with how the community works together. You see this especially when new people come to the camp and the welcome and help they receive from people staying here already. Its heartwarming.

What is the one thing you would take with you in a disaster situation?

My Phone!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about donating to HSA?

Definitely do that! If you could see the amazing work HSA does for people here and only through our donors is this possible!!

HSA needs your help in keeping volunteers like Sara on the island by helping with their accommodation costs. Please use the link below to donate to HSA and if you like, specify in the comments you would like your contribution to go towards our accommodation costs.

Thank you.

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